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Let us know what you think of Portable Yoga Practice

"This is fabulous, Paul.  And so are you!... This portable yoga class will be amazing to have with us.  No more excuses!!!" -- J. C. 

"Oh this is wonderful Paul!!!" -- J. B.

"Paul, this is awesome!" -- M. H.

"WOW!  Well done:)" -- S. A. 

"PAUL, I am so excited about your new business and website! Jeff and I moved out of NYC and we are traveling the world. As we move from city to city I am more and more aware of my need to start my yoga practice again. I have thought of you many times and like your other student 'wished I could take you on the road.' Here you are answering my prayers!"   -- L. S. 

"This will be great!  I'm moving to Hong Kong and can take this with me!!" -- A. C.

"I stand in awe of your amazing work.  Wow...this will be such a benefit to so many people!" -- E. G.

"If you are traveling for an extended length of time you owe it to yourself and your travel companion to stay physically healthy and mentally harmonious. The best way for me to do this is by using my yoga teacher, Paul Keoni Chun's, Portable Yoga Practice classes while I am on the road." -- Lori Tours NYC


"Dear Paul!

How are you doing?  I bet you are busy with all your businesses and the holiday fun. I was using my portable yoga practice this morning and kept thinking about you. I don't know if you understand how important your class was for me (for 3 YEARS). I had always wanted to take a yoga class, but I was a poor actor for ages and couldn't justify paying for it. My grandmother was really sick in 2008 and I decided the best way for me to deal with my sadness that she was dying and that I was far away from her was to treat my heart to yoga.

She died after my third class with you. When I returned to NYC and began attending your class again, it seemed that your class became this safe space where I could grieve for her and try to get stronger. After a year of your class, I realized that I was over the single scene in the city and wanted my husband to arrive. I know we talked a bit about this, but when I began truly taking care of myself and stronger in yoga he was able to arrive. 

Planning the wedding, made making it to our weekly class a challenge, but everyone in my life knew my class with you was very important and to not mess with Thursdays at 5pm. Now that we have left NYC and are traveling, a class with you seems next to impossible (at least for a while). Your portable yoga practice not only helps me remember all the poses I learned in your class, but it keeps me connected to a very special time in my life because it is your voice leading the practice. I am glad you are with me on the road around the world. Keep up the good work and try to remember that you touch more people than you could ever know.

Lastly, do you have a mailing address where I could send you something? 

Talk to you soon,


PS you can use any part of my letter as testimonial if you would like."

Let us know what you think of Portable Yoga Practice