As practicing Yogis and busy people, despite our best efforts, our calendars don't always match up with the class schedule.  And yet we feel a strong desire to practice regularly.   We also believe that a little bit of Yoga is better than no Yoga, and a brief, portable practice can be a wonderful supplement to or occasional replacement for attending class. 


We know it's not always possible to get to the studio, or even practice in front of a TV or computer with a DVD.   We wanted to be able to practice at home, or in a hotel room, or in a park, and recognize that many students who are familiar with the basic poses respond fully to audio prompts, and thus can practice just about anywhere.

What This Portable Yoga Practice Is

We’ve designed a sequence of all-levels Yoga postures that can you can take with you, to be performed in the comfort of your home, on the go, outdoors, or at work.   It contains some of the basic postures found in a regular Yoga class, and is intended to be brief enough so that you can do a bit of Yoga each day. 

About Your Teacher

PAUL KEONI CHUN is a Yoga Teacher with 15 years of experience as a Movement Educator. Over those years, he has guided countless students - who have spanned a wide range of levels, ages, and abilities - in the movement arts of yoga, dance, and gymnastics. He teaches both throughout New York City and across the country.

Paul recently received his Essential Certification as a Thai Yoga Metta Stretch practitioner from the Lotus Palm School, and is the founder of Keoni Movement Arts.    You can visit his website and teaching schedule here.

Pay What You Can and Download

All three MP3s are offered to you in exchange for a price you can afford.  We recommend $3.00 but you are welcome to contribute more, or less, according to your ability.  Thank you for your purchase, which helps keep this site available, and helps us create and offer new routines in the future.

Further Notes on the Downloads

Both Yoga practices are identical in sequence and postures.

The shorter version is 25 minutes long, and intended for intermediate to advanced practitioners, or those seeking a more brisk and vigorous flow.    It is also ideal for people seeking to limit their practice to within a half hour.  

The extended flow contains slightly more detail and explanation, making it helpful for late beginner/early intermediate practitioners gaining mastery over the poses.  Its pace can also be enjoyed by anyone in need of a slightly slower tempo, though it is not considered unchallenging. 

It is recommended that everyone first start with the extended, 35 minute version.   Then, once familiar with the practice, more advanced students can decide to proceed to the 25 minute version if they so choose, and newer students and anyone in need of a slower pace can continue with the longer, slower flow for the time being. 

Please be sure to listen to the Introduction at least once for an overview and helpful tips.